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Building Materials Take on New Life. SaveGreen with Renoback.com


Renoback.com is a unique online classified platform with a national presence and an international vision. The mission of Renoback.com is to drive support of the Circular Economy and municipal Zero Net Waste mandates across North America and we relay this commitment through our social and mainstream media channels.

The very obvious benefit to diverting these solid waste materials, aside from the cost savings to consumers, is that by encouraging our growing audience to ‘pitch in’ instead of ‘pitching out’, we can reduce the methane and C02 emissions that according to scientific research play a significant role in climate change. Add to this the growing global consumer trend to shop online combined with a growing demand to deal with companies and service providers who are socially and environmentally responsible, and Renoback.com is a win-win for everybody.


This free online classified is like no other in that it drives its message to reuse and repurpose those new and used building and renovation materials that are too often simply dumped in our landfills out of convenience.  Building and renovation materials equate to 35-40% of the annual 30,000,000+ tons of solid waste in Canada alone. Renoback.com seeks to divert those materials that are needlessly disposed of by offering a user friendly platform that is driven by buyers and sellers and providing an active audience seeking the materials listed, and the significant cost savings to the buyer and the sellers (we drive the message that tossing re-marketable materials costs money).

More and more new materials can be found on Renoback as material suppliers have connected with the value of using this site to liquidate over stocked, mis-sized and stale dated flooring, counter tops, windows, doors, tools and many other building materials that users seek to complete their home building and renovation projects. Repurposed, reclaimed and leftover materials are also common on Renoback which satisfies the growing trend by consumers who seek to SaveGreen: save money and the environment. Products created from recycled materials are popular, reclaimed barn board and Douglas fir structural beams are highly sought after feature items on our site, as are old doors and windows which are commonly transformed into unique furnishings.

Consumers using Renoback are very unique. This was proven recently when Renoback.com diverted a 5000 square foot steel barn from a scrap yard when the owner preferred to give this building away for free rather than scrap it. After several attempts to dispose of this fairly new building through other reputable and established online classifieds, he tried Renoback.com. It took less than 24 hours for him to achieve his objective.

Is our story catching on? You bet! In October our online traffic grew from 18,000 to over 210,000 page views and our online listings grew by over 400%. As stated earlier, we have a national presence and an international vision. Recently we have experienced more traffic from south of the 49th parallel combined with listings and requests to expand our presence into the USA. We plan to expand across North America in 2016.

Testimonials from users of our site on the significant costs savings enjoyed during their home renovations? The many comments that appreciate our efforts to make a difference, the ongoing requests from across the country to expand our presence confirms that the ‘SaveGreen’ slogan of Renoback.com is catching on and that we are here to stay.

Visit / today and make a difference. SaveGreen