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Garage Ideas for Those Without a Car

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Your beautiful new house has everything you want and more, including a garage! While a garage is an excellent selling point, it may be just an extra bit of space if you don’t have a car. According to Houston Overhead Door, a provider of Houston door repair services, this space doesn’t have to go to waste, however. Rather than use a car-less garage as a storage space or a laundry room, open to mess and debris, try a few of these fun ideas to liven things up.

Game Room

If a game room is something you’ve always wanted, now might be the perfect time to get it started. Pool tables, electronic consoles, gaming computers, or even a home theater would be a great start to a game and entertainment room. Install a simple bar or a mini-fridge if you have the outlets, invite your friends over, and prepare to game all night long! Consider a stereo for added ambiance.

Guest Bedroom

A conversion from garage to guest bedroom may sound difficult, but fear not. The main issue is whether or not the garage is heated. If it does, it’s really just a matter of personal preference, such as covering the garage door with a false wall, putting down an area rug, adding a little color to the walls. Once that’s done, the essentials of a guest bedroom are straightforward: a bed, a dresser, or cabinet, and a touch of the personal, such as books, up to date magazines, art, or a television set.

Library or Study

For those who do a lot of reading or writing, a library or study is always handy. Unlike the extra bedroom, a false wall is not required for a library. Strategic placement of bookshelves can effectively hide the garage door. Add a desk, a mini-fridge, perhaps some comfortable seating to give the room a warmer feel. While not as complex to design as a guest bedroom, the possibilities here are endless.

Home Office or Studio

As entrepreneurship and longer employee hours become the new norm these days, a home office is essential whether you’re taking control of your own employment or simply need to bring some work home for the evenings and weekends. Conversion to a home office doesn’t necessarily mean a desk and chair. It could be an artist’s or musician’s studio, filled with easels, equipment hutches, keyboards, or computers. If you choose to create a musician’s studio, you may wish to explore soundproofing the walls.

Rent It!

Sometimes, buying a house only to turn around and put more work into the space is an unappealing idea. For those who prefer not to take on conversion projects, consider renting out the garage to someone who does have need of a car. People with are often looking for space, whether it’s to store their own vehicle, hold a book club meeting, or for a little extra storage. With a smart contract and an outside garage door key, you just might be able to make a little extra money.

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