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Things to know before installing an in ground pool

Things to know before installing an in ground pool

discount serif;”>Having a swimming pool in your backyard is great especially when you are in a mood to cool yourself up in the summer evening. No one enjoys driving to a distant place to have that pleasure. Also having a pool at your own place also increases the real estate value. It is not very difficult at all to health serif;”>install inground swimming pool in Hamilton, if you just start planning well, get yourself clear about a few things, and keep control on several external factors.

  1. Type of pool: Select the type of pool i.e., concrete, vinyl-lined and fibreglass pools. They all have their own features and appeals. While concrete pools take several weeks to complete, a vinyl-lined one can be built in three days.

  2. Cost comparison: Cost of a pool varies according to location, soil type, circulation system, types, shape and size of pools etc. While concrete pools are the most expensive ones, vinyl-lined and fibreglass pools fall second and third in the line. Sometimes a high-end fibreglass pool may cost more than a concrete pool.

  3. Local law: Check how easy it is to obtain the permission from the local authorities to build an in ground swimming pool.

  4. Site selection: A properly selected site helps in reducing the cost of construction as well as the maintenance of the pools. Sun shine, wind speed and direction, elevation of the ground, nearby service and utility lines, surveillance, space for accommodation of accessories must be kept in mind while finalizing the location.

  5. Circulation system: It is necessary to keep the water in the pool clean and clear. Smart filtration and sanitization system are must for the good operation, maintenance and long life of the pools.

Things like outdoor lighting, pathway, landscaping, privacy screen, outdoor audio etc does not come in the main pool package. So have provision for this in hand. If budget allows go for all, else the pool can also run in the absence of few of them.

Tips for a beautiful in ground swimming pool

Tips for a beautiful in ground swimming pool

Sure, store having an in ground swimming pool is a wonderful thing on many levels. It’s fabulous for summer fun, entertaining and fitness, and the kids can’t get enough of it. For some, a backyard pool presents an opportunity for stunning landscape design, accomplished by either using the pool as a focal feature, or making the pool itself a work of art. Different shaped swimming pools provide visual interest, and the addition of plants, trees and stones can create a backyard oasis that is as unique as it is beautiful. Create little nooks of privacy by the creative placement of plants, bushes and shrubs, or install natural stone walkways to add texture and contrast.

Use lighting to add a touch of sophistication, highlighting the beauty of the water as it casts reflections around your entire outdoor space. Outdoor speakers are a great way to enhance your poolside experience as well, and many come in camouflaged designs, some having the appearance of rocks, and some small enough to tuck away, hidden within your landscaping.

Some plants that are recommended to use in pool landscaping are shrubs, ornamental grasses such as pampas grass or fountain grass, which can grow to over five feet tall. Choose flowers that will bloom over an extended period, like dahlias or hibiscus. Some of these flowers may not survive in a cold climate year round, but if that is the case, it could be as easy as putting them into planters and bringing them inside when it gets cold. Evergreens and groundcover also offer good options for poolside landscaping. Plants to avoid would be vines or plants that attract insects or bees, thorny plants like roses or bougainvillea, and deciduous trees that will lose their leaves in the fall, creating a lot of extra work as well as clogging up filters and messing up your pool.

Another way to set your in ground swimming pool design apart is to consider a darker color for the pool walls, perhaps something that will complement or blend with your landscape design. A darker color pool bottom provides great contrast and may also help with heat retention. Installing underwater lighting in your pool not only looks dramatic, but also it allows you to enjoy your pool no matter what time of the day or night it is. One caveat to underwater pool lighting is that it is recommended to install during the build, as integrated lighting can’t be installed after the fact.

Above all, be creative, and imagine your dream pool: there are so many easy and sometimes inexpensive ways to transform a backyard pool. Even if you are working with a design that you had no initial control over, you can easily turn your pool into an architectural feature with plenty of ‘wow’ factor.

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