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How to prevent termites coming into your home – Naturally

pill serif;”>How to prevent termites coming into your home - Naturally

help serif;”>Termites are a crucial element to our ecosystem in helping to clear the forests of dead trees and enriching the soil, doctor but take them into domestic situations like your home, office or any place outside of nature and they become your worst enemy. If you decide to ignore the signs, they can be extremely destructive and rack up costs of damage in repairs. Not only that, but left in their wake is a road for fungi and bacteria to further decompose the wood.

We completely understand – that is not what you need! So, to give you a helping hand, we’ve identified some different ways you can use to control and kill termites or atleast prevent them to come into your home naturally. These methods have been tried and tested, with differing results, many say these aren’t as effective as conventional methods, but ways to be aware of nevertheless.

1 Don’t let them into your home in the first place!

Here’s the honest truth – termites can’t tell the difference between a tree outside to your windowsills or nice wooden floors. We wish they could, but it is just one of those things in life! Luckily, we know some of woods that have been proven to be naturally resistant to termites such as redwood and black walnut. If you buy these sort of woods, then ‘hey presto’ you won’t have any termite issues! Unfortunately, these woods aren’t always an option for the large majority of us, so, read on…

If you’re undertaking work to your home or in the process of building a new one there are some helpful tips you should consider. The aim is to make your home inaccessible to them – if they don’t find your home attractive then they won’t want to inhabit there. Simple! The trick is to cut off their food, warmth and moisture. For example make sure you clear the foundations of your home from scraps of woods and build your house high enough to prevent contact between the soil and wooden floor.

A lot of people forget that in many cases decorative items outside the home are just like saying wellcome to termite to your home. You want to avoid putting non termite-resistant wood in direct contact with the soil and your home. This includes things like wooden stairs to your entrance, wooden decks outside or plant boxes – yes they look pretty but you’ll be inviting all the termites to the party!

2 Treat your wood to some anti-termite biological treatments

The problem is, termites can consume the majority of woods that we have in our homes and offices – so putting some treatment on your wood is one of our best options. If you’re determined to avoid chemical treatments, then let us introduce you to your new best friend – nematodes – microscopic, worm-like creatures that have been used as pest control for years. The nematodes will kill termites in two to three days, but is often difficult to find success using this method over large areas.

3 Check, check and check again

Regular inspections of your home or office are crucial. If you’re going to do this yourself start from the outside in. Know what you’re looking for, and if you find any signs of termites, you must take action straight away to minimise destruction to your home or office. Please visit our website for more usefull tips and tricks control termites yourself.