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Smart and Easy Steps to Pack Fragile Items

Packing fragile

Packing fragile items is always the biggest challenge when you prepare to move to a new house. If you live in Tempe, cheap good local movers in Tempe Arizona absolutely can help you to do this. But maybe there are some very personal stuff like antique glasses or collectible plates that you want to handle by yourself. To help you pack the fragile things properly, here are some easy steps to help you.

8 Steps to Pack Fragile Items

1.     First of all, make sure you choose a strong and thick cardboard box. Glue the bottom opening with strong adhesive and isolate every corner with tape. This is necessary because fragile items can be very heavy.

2.     Before putting the items, make sure you put some towels on the box as cushions. It is necessary to minimize the effect of collision.

3.     Don’t let the fragile items touch each other. It will make them break easily in case of collision. Wrap all the fragile items with paper or bubble wrap. Use tape to make sure everything is wrapped perfectly.

4.     Now, it is the time to fill the box. Remember, don’t put too much items. If the box is too heavy, it will be very difficult to lift it.

5.     Fill all the gaps with paper or bubble wrap so that there is no space left in the box. If there is too much space, the items will collide with each other and crash when the truck is moving.

6.     After the box is filled, put again some towels before you close the box.

7.     Close the box and seal it with tape. Don’t forget to give label on the top of the box so that the movers that the items inside the box is fragile. So, they can take better care of it.

The step is very simple. However, if you want to be more assured of your fragile items’ safety, you can ask for the packing service from the moving company. Make sure you choose experienced and trusted company so your fragile items will be packed and transported safely to your new home.

The Service of Best City Movers

When you are living in a city, healing you might also want to make your life to be more challenging. You might work in a particular company and you want to get better chance of having high salary. If it is so, ailment you have to move to another city which will be promising for your job. In this case, when you are moving you have to consider having the mover company which will help you to solve your entire problem related to the moving things from the small ones to the big ones. The City Movers can be your partner in making your moving process to be easy and effective.


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