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Designing and Decorating an Open Floor Plan

Designing and Decorating an Open Floor Plan

It’s easy to fall in love with an open floor plan in a home. They’re great for entertaining, they’re great for watching kids while you’re trying to cook and most importantly, they give you an open, comfortable space to live in. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re easy to decorate, especially when it comes to finding the right home accessories and decor, as well as finding the right home decor to blend the spaces, or perhaps separate them. Here are a few tips and tricks on finding the right home accessories and decorating your open floor plan space.

Determine the Function of the Space

Before you start buying any furniture (unless you already own the furniture,) you’ll want to stop and think about how you use the space or how you plan to use the space. Purchase furniture that serves the function of that particular space. For example, if it’s the eating area, you’ll obviously want to purchase a table and chairs. If you’re planning for lots of entertaining, be sure to purchase furniture that suits that particular need.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different furniture styles, either. Just because it’s an open concept space doesn’t mean that everything in the space needs to match perfectly. If you want a modern kitchen and dining space but a warm, comfortable space for watching movies, then go for it!

Accent Colors

Large, open spaces often mean utilizing a single wall color. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate accent colors into the space. Pick a neutral base color for your walls, then pick home accessories for each area in a different hue.

For example, if your base color for the space is a light gray hue, then you can choose turquoise for the kitchen accessories, red for the dining room accessories (placemats, candle holders, picture frames, etcetera,) and yellow for the home accessories for the living room. By utilizing a single wall color, you create a cohesive look. By utilizing different colored home accessories, you help define each individual space.

Accommodating Pets

Now that you’ve spent so much time and effort on your floor layout, there’s no reason to ruin the new look with an old wiry dog crate. Get the stylish dog den known as the ZENCRATE that will match just about any décor.

Adequate Lighting

It should go without saying that a larger, open floor plan will require more light than a traditional layout. With such a large space, you need to have plenty of lighting. Consider using the lighting formula, which will help you determine how much light you need for your space. The lighting formula multiplies the square footage of the room against the wattage (1.5).

For example, if your space is 25 by 20, that’s 500 square feet and when multiplied by the wattage, equals 750 watts. That means you need to have 750 watts to light the space. (A single ceiling fixture is typically 60 watts, while a lamp is 40 watts, just to give you an idea.)

Look at your light fixtures as additional home accessories to complete the space. Choose lamps, ceiling fixtures and other items that help compliment your home decor scheme, rather than compete with it.

Good luck, and happy decorating!

Easy Tips to Choose High Quality Art Reproductions

Easy Tips to Choose High Quality Art Reproductions

Looking for a painting in museum quality art reproductions can be the best idea to choose a perfect painting to decorate your house. The art reproductions would get you a classic painting with much cheaper price that would still get your house an elegant and classic look. There are some easy tips to choose the best art reproductions company.

Check the company profile

You cannot just buy the painting randomly. You have to buy it from a highly trusted company. A highly trusted company usually has a great website where you can check the address, contact, and even the phone number clearly. The company profile is also clear so you can compare them to the other similar companies. The website should also come with great catalog of their reproductions painting where you can check the style, the real painter, the price, and even he history of the painting. You cannot buy any painting from any company with poor profile.

It comes with copyright law

You should remember that we are allowed to replicate the painting 70 years after the death of the artist. However, still we cannot replicate the work illegally. It can get you huge trouble when you replicate the work illegally. Some great paintings are also painted in recent years that requires you to buy the replicated painting from museum quality art reproductions that replicate the painting legally.  So, it is a must for you to choose a company with copyright law to make sure you buy a legal replication.

Examples works

You do not buy any replication without paying attention on the previous work. Today, all great companies have website. It is suggested for you to check their product and compare it to the original painting. The painting would be perfect if you found that the new painting replicates the original one well including the style, the color, the texture, and the details. The replication should look alike the original from any angle.

Check the review

You cannot just rely on the website profile or content. You should check the review to the company and the painting. The review should talk about the details of the painting, especially about its quality, the style, and what people say about the replication. The more people give positive review and comments to the details of the painting, the most trust worthy the company is. At the same time, the company’s reviews are also important. The details such as how the painting delivered and whether the company guarantee the painting.

Shop around

At last, you cannot just look for the painting in one website. You have to shop around. It would be even better if you can visit the company gallery to check their real product. In most cases we find the best painting not the big company or great website, but from small gallery or unexpected company. Checking more than one company also gives you a great chance to look at more collections. In some cases, we might find unexpected painting from museum quality art reproductions that fits better to our house.

Several Concerns for Choosing Outdoor Patio PVC furniture

Several Concerns for Choosing Outdoor Patio PVC furniture

PVC patio set is one of the essential parts of functional and decorative items in a modest house. It is something made predicated on the mixture of aesthetic and functional values. Every Patio PVC furniture piece is well suited for individual or specific functions as well-being the region of the area or even room’s decorative elements. Some of the Patio PVC furniture pieces are well suited for particular purpose or use; the outdoor Patio PVC furniture is perfect for the outdoor use that made the Patio PVC furniture should meet certain qualifications for providing the best functions in the yard or environment. The use of outdoor or outdoor Patio PVC furniture is quite common in today’s day homes that made more Patio PVC furniture items specially designed for the outdoor use. There are various things to consider for finding the right and experienced outdoor Patio PVC furniture.

Some form of Patio PVC furniture which might be satisfied in the home Patio PVC furniture store is outdoor Patio PVC furniture, outdoor Patio PVC furniture, outdoor Patio PVC furniture, recycled Patio PVC furniture, present day Patio PVC furniture, eco Patio PVC furniture, eating dinner out outdoor Patio PVC furniture modern outdoor Patio PVC furniture and much more. When to choose that Patio PVC furniture, this depends on in your look plus your home idea or style even. Before you create your want to beautify home with some kind Patio PVC furniture, there are several tips you may use when to choose and buy Patio PVC furniture.

Determine Budget

Determine budget for purchase would be the one most crucial thing to do. You need to list kind of Patio PVC furniture and if you are looking for Purchase Patio PVC furniture along with Guarantee

Be confident the warranty is received by you once you buy Patio PVC furniture. This warranty is vital because you shall get state whenever your Patio PVC furniture is harmed or damaged. Some Patio PVC furniture stores provide customer warranty of goods that they buy plus its productive and profitable. Luxury outdoor Patio PVC furniture Avoid purchasing Patio PVC furniture without standard warranties since it’ll make you undergo for virtually any financial dropped.

Think before Purchase Twice

You need to trust before buy Patio PVC furniture to placed in your house double. Ensure that you have an intend to redecorate your room before you acquire it, if you get Patio PVC furniture without think preliminary simply, your premises is likely to be full along with unimportance products or even things.

It is best that you should discuss it before you need it Patio PVC furniture to your dwelling to be clever pun designed, the consumptive workout.

How to Make Your Small Living Room look more Spacious?

Creating the illusion of a space is not as hard as you think. If you have been thinking that your living room is too small for your guests and even for your family (even though it is enough the looks don’t match at all), don’t worry there are so many things you can actually do to make it look more spacious. The process is not as expensive as you think. With the things you already have and with a little bit of creativity, you can make a good deal of change. Here is what you can do.

Genius storage ideas

If you don’t use the correct storage ideas for any room, it will look more space consumed and not that good looking. All you need is to look around you to identify the objects that can turn into really good storage items. Milk crates, old tins, bottles, mason jars are some of them. You can even look for other storage items online. Also make use of wall shelves, floating shelves, book racks and built-in shelves to create more storage space.

The correct lighting with natural light

The correct lighting can make a good difference of the ambience of your home. You don’t have to look for expensive crystal chandeliers, but even the cheapest one when fixed correctly with the correct voltage can be ideal.

How to Make Your Small Living Room look more Spacious

Image credit – Pixabay

For table lamps and direct light fixtures you can use Duracell Battery. Also, don’t forget the amazing benefits you get from natural light. Keep your windows clean and clear so the daylight can pour into your room. Light can give depth to any type of room when it is controlled correctly. Use matching curtain, drapes or even blinds to add more privacy to your room.

Decors to make your room look bigger

Placing mirrors in a room can make it look elegant and spacious. Try to place it in front of a window so it reflects light. This increases the feeling that your room is big and spacious. There are different sizes and patterns in mirrors so select one that will blend well with your room.
Don’t keep a room that is dull and boring. Naturally you will feel the smallness of it. Throw some life to your room with some artworks. Placing them has different aspects to your room to make it look spacious, hang several small art pieces or even use a large and bold art piece to fill the big blank wall. Yet when you use several small ones, try and keep it simple but effective.

Double duty furniture

While furniture can be great ways to make you comfortable in a room it can also be used as genius storage systems. Having some ottoman sets in your living room and bedroom and also beds with drawers are some examples.

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