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Commercial Sprinklers Make More Business Sense Than You Might Think

As a business owner, you’re more than aware that the curb appeal of your business has a direct effect on your revenue. If you own a commercial property with a lawn or other vegetative exterior then hiring an irrigation contractor or lawn care specialist is the right step toward improving the appearance of your property and your business. An irrigation contractor is a licensed professional with years of experience in the field. They will design and install an irrigation system to suit the idiosyncrasies of your property and to ensure that the area is healthy and always looks great.


A contractor will be aware of building codes and is able to secure the correct permits and utility checks that will be necessary to planning out your irrigation and sprinkler system.

The location of the sprinkler systems will be designed to suit the size, soil type, and varieties of inclines and declines, as well as the exposure to sunlight of your property. The amount of water and the strength of the spray that is dispersed depend on the type of soil, plants, grass, sun and the shade that particular area receives. The irrigation contractor offers a warranty and a service to maintain the sprinkler system after it’s installed.

Another perk for having a commercial sprinkler system installed is a savings on energy costs and staffing. An irrigation system, such as the ones usesonly the amount of water necessary for each section of your lawn. That means that overall you will not be using as much water. EZ Lawn Sprinklers are a fully licensed and insured lawn care company that has been serving the Toronto area for 26 years. Another added bonus, a fully automated sprinkler system requires no extra staff to maintain the lawn. Most systems come with a warranty and maintenance contract, which is fulfilled by the contractor.

The automatic sprinkler systems are on a timer that spray the manicured grounds with the correct amount of water. This is the way to keep the roots healthy and strong. Over watering will dilute the nutrients in the fertilizer. The water left on the leaves of plants and shrubs will bake in the sun and wither and will have to be replaced. That is not the result you want.
Professionally installed irrigation systems and commercial sprinklers will
save you a lot of money. The lawn and the soil are maintained with the proper amount of water, especially in drought stricken areas. Taking responsibility for conserving how much water we use in our environment is also an important issue.