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How to Replace Carpet on Stairs with Hardwood

How to Replace Carpet on Stairs with Hardwood

Stairs with carpet are outdated. Hardwood stairs are one of the best way to go, but is it possible to replace hardwood flooring on stairs, without destroying the house, living under the construction mess for months and trying to break your bank account? Absolutely, as long as you can answer right to two questions!

Tearing the house apart to renovate your stairs does not make sense. Beside to construct a standard set of hardwood flooring on stairs probably cost more than taking your existing stairs and changing carpet stairs to hardwood, to compliment your home décor in a wood species. It is not easy to save thousand dollars. So what you should answer first?

1. Are your existing stairs well in condition?

In other words, if you were to restore the carpet and add a few more bolts and screws to the existing stairs, will they meet the building code and not peep in daily use. If this is not the case then it’s time to give up and start from the scratch before you waste your bucks.

2. Are you satisfied with the overall layout of the steps? Are they proper in size and gives enough depth for you to plant your foot comfortably?

Many DIY’s and those in the trade, face such troubles with the math used in building step. They often think that when you want to replace carpet stairs with hardwood, that you can play with the layout by adding width to the existing staircase. They think that if it is built in front of the stair under the nosing it might give them a longer life. They are not aware that, if it’s done at every step it cancels each other out, so remember to keep the layout as it is.

“Rise and run” if you are happy with your old stairs, then you are in the right position to recover these stairs.

How to Install Hardwood Floor Guide

Step 1 – Remove the carpet and the glue residue. Do not worry if the wood is scooped out in the process.

Step 2 – On the front and on the open end cut off the existing nosing

Step 3 – remove and store any pins that might be drilled. Leave the new ones in place. You can work around them, unless if you wish to have a new railing as well.

Step 4 – Use a matching hardwood to the front and the back.

Step 5 – Apply construction glue to the solid hardwood stairs. Use a small notched blade to spread it, especially when applying it to the bulges and plywood.

Step 6 – Replace the spindles and cut off the corners with correct moldings to intact the seams between the plywood used for the stringer and the riser.

Before installing remember to pre – finish all the threads and plywood. It might take 48 hours to dry. Besides, it is much easier to avoid runs if everything is finished while on the flat.

Epoxy Floor Paint And Its Applications

Epoxy Floor Paint And Its Applications

In many cases, for commercial businesses, you need to use the concrete floorings. Because the concrete floors are tough and it will become really dirty. However, these types of floor do not have to look dirty. Now it is very easy to maintain the concrete floor, which is by using the epoxy paint. When it comes to the floor paints, there are various brands to consider. There are different types of brands are available in the market; you can get your desired epoxy flooring paints.

Epoxy paints and its unique features

These types of floor paints are formulated to seal the floors for a long period of time. However, once the paint gets coated, there is no need to worry about the floor cleaning this is because of epoxy floor paint needs low maintenance. You can also have several options when it comes to the colors and also applications. So you can easily get one that fit to your needs and requirements. At present you can also get the floor paints with special anti skid additives. These types of special types of floor paints are opt for the solid surfaces and it is resistant to the slips.

Benefits of using the epoxy paints

The tasks of covering the concrete floors by using the epoxy floor paint will not be a difficult process and it is similar to painting any surfaces. Unlike the epoxy paint products, the basic types of floor paints won’t offer the unique feature including tough that is very essential to withstand any type of abuses and damages from the spills, heat, oil, grit and also other type of commercial wares. There are so many businesses are benefited from the epoxy products that are auto dealerships and also mechanic’s garages.

RES-GUARD technology from Alluvius is something that can be well used for industrial flooring and retail outlet flooring.

Epoxy paints

If in case your garage needs to endure the extensive usages, then other coverings such as tile will not be used for a very long time. Applying the epoxy floor paint is truly straight forward. For some types of application you need to mix the agents and resin, which is for hardening the layer. However, you can use one part of epoxy; there is no need to mix these agents and resins to make the layer long lasting and harder. Due to these reasons the epoxy floor paint is used in both residential and commercial applications. Designer flooring systems like METALLIC-MIRAGE technology can also be used for commercial applications and for beautifying your home.

Applying the floor paint is same as that of painting, applying it is very simple and easy. So you can use these types of epoxy paint to protect your floors.