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04 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas you can do in a Flash

Just remembered that you have been invited for a party and today is your best friend’s birthday? The worst thing is you didn’t buy anything for them and now with all the work, you really don’t have time to do anything as well. Really? No time at all to make anything more them. There are so many IDY gifts you can make at home with little effort and trust me they are way gorgeous than the shop made ones. This is why we came up with some of these ideas you can make within a small time and present them to the special person of the day. You never have to say that you forget them at all!

For the tea lover

If your friend or family member likes to drink tea and try on different flavors of tea, you can’t miss a tea wreath. Even the look at it will make them awed. So, all you need is some tea packets of different flavors to spice it up. You can buy these flavors form any shop. You will need cardboard, wrapping paper and cloth pins or even other type of pins that will be able to pin the tea packets to the board. Have a ribbon for hanging. It’s also a really sweet kitchen décor.

Make your own gift basket/box

What type of gift baskets are you good at? Think about the receiver…does she like a chocolate gift basket, a fruit one, flowers or what? Once you have figured that out you can buy the necessary supplies for it and start making your own gift box.

04 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas you can do in a Flash

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Check for apt cardboard boxes in your home that you can use for this. You can also make a handmade card with your wishes. Surprise them with a whole lot of things they specially like!

A personalized gift

We all love to get gifts that have to do something with us. Among them, personalized gifts make us feel extra special. Why not do something like this for your loved one? You don’t have to spend anything at all. All you need is an old frame and some paint to give it a new look. You can use spray paint. Collect some pics of your loved one and then have a lovely quote printed.
Or you can write something inspirational from a marker and then hand it over.

For the person who loves to bake

Gift them with a box filled with the baking essentials they need. You can check for more inspirations on these ingredients online as well. Or you can pick one recipe and assemble the ingredients needed for it. Ideal as a seasonal gift too.

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Adding Value, Style, And Class To Your Home With Concrete

If you’re looking for a unique way to add value to your bungalow in Greektown, consider re-landscaping the walkway to your front door with stamped concrete. Concrete is no longer a cheap and inferior material, fitting easily into any landscaping plan and budget. With proper installation, your concrete can add a touch of style and sophistication that will complement your neighbourhood’s aesthetic. Visitors will marvel at the beautiful designs when they walk up to your house, as you appreciate the inexpensive durability that stamped concrete provides.


While driving through the city, have you ever admired a patio or drive way that looks like it is made of stone tiles? In all likelihood, what you’re looking at isn’t made of actual inlaid stone blocks. Instead, it’s made of stamped concrete – style of concrete that is becoming increasingly popular in Toronto, as it accurately mimics the look and feel of fancy stonework like limestone and flagstone.

While this concrete imitates the expensive look of actual inlaid stone blocks, it does it without duplicating its steep price tag. That’s because once the foundation is made, concrete can be poured and stamped in one piece. It doesn’t require the painstaking installation of each individual stone, so you won’t be wasting money on endless hours of labour. With quick installation, you’ll also have full use of your property faster; once the concrete is set, you can start walking on it straight away.

Stamped concrete, like any other form of concrete, will require a bit of maintenance to help prolong its lifespan. A professional contractor will protect your surfaces with reliable sealants that insure against colour fading and climate damages. All you have to do on your end is to sweep and wash your concrete every so often to prevent dirt buildup and help to preserve the seal. For indoor variants occasionally using floor wax and polishes can help to protect the seal from everyday wear and tear that you’d expect from areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Ultimately, taking care of your stampedconcrete floor is a simple task, and if you encounter any unusual chips or cracks, your expert contractor will happily repair them entirely.

With a beautifully laid concrete, the walkway to your Greektownhome will never have looked so good. As you begin your spring landscape clean-up, don’t delay in calling the curb appeal will increase ten-fold, and soon you’ll be calling your Elite Concrete for all of your landscaping needs.