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Insignia Steam Shower: Enjoy a relaxing shower


Insignia is Europe’s leading steam shower company. Insignia strive to provide you with best steam and shower experience. The main reason behind Insignia’s growth is its fully upgraded products with latest technologies. Insignia frequently upgrade its products. Keeping in mind everyone requirements Insignia Steam Showers are equipped with latest innovative features. If you want refreshing and relaxing baths in morning and evening Insignia Steam Shower is a one stop solution for your need. This steam bath was originally started by Roman People. These roman baths were used by everyone in Rome, order regardless of their socio economic status. These baths were supplied by underground water or natural hot springs.

What is Steam Bath:

A steam bath is a type of bathing where the steam is generated and produces water vapors that are dispersed around a human body.

Insignia steam Shower Installation guide:

  • Insignia steam shower is much like a refrigerator, pharmacy so remove bath tub before installing steam shower.

  • Ensure that the walls are made from mold resistance material.

  • Maintain a proper ventilation source.

  • Electrical services should be safe.

  • Use proper and sufficient electrical supply

  • Follow the assembly instructions

  • Steam shower requires both hot and cold water supply.

  • Do not forget to connect the drain.

  • Provide a safe and a stable level.

  • Every construction material used must be mold resistance.

Material of Insignia Shower Cabins:

Insignia Steam Shower is designed for hot health treatment and is usually made of glass. The doors are generally made of glass that can be transparent or matte. If your bathroom is not spacious use sliding doors. Single or double doors are used for large bathroom areas.

Features of Insignia Steam Shower:

Insignia Steam Showers are preferable for those who generally endure dry heat and prefer steam rooms. It is highly preferable for people who are suffering from chest congestion, asthma, sinus, irritation and other breathing problems.

Insignia Steam Showers combine different functions like massage, therapeutic salons and Turkish bath. Some Insignia Steam Showers also feature chromo therapy which is represented by way of a special illumination source positioned in the cabin.