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Tips to maintain your air conditioner:

Tips to maintain your air conditioner

Air conditioners are an inseparable part of the comfort in your life. It becomes very difficult to spend a few hours without them either in office or in home in summer days. To avoid the breakdown of our air conditioner we must have robust maintenance schedule to keep it fit always. In the event of a breakdown calla good air conditioner service agency like appliance repair marietta ga for wholesome service sans any headache.

Here are a few tips which will help you in keeping the air conditioner in great condition;

  1. In dusty environment or being in constant operation for long, viagra 100mg the air filters get clogged and needs be cleaned frequently and shall be replaced in every three months. Clogging of filter causes overload on compressors as well as wastage of energy.

  2. Air conditioner coils to be cleaned before start of every cooling season. In the event of dust deposition on cooling coils, thumb the coils start to absorb heat; hence the air conditioner consumes a lot of energy more than the designed energy requirement.

  3. Keep the coil fins intact. In case they get bend they block the air flow through the coil. To maintain the actual form of the fins use a fin comb.

  4. If the drain channels are clogged up, the air conditioner will not be able to control the humidity inside. You can insert a firm wire through the drain channel and clean the clog. Just do this only when necessary.

  5. If you have installed a window AC, check proper sealing around the window for efficient cooling. Also use a door stopper for less loss of heat.

  6. When not in use, make sure the air conditioner is stored in a proper manner. The outdoor unit must be covered with a sturdy material to withstand the harsh winter all through. Entry of dust in to it shall be prevented.

Small and regular steps taken towards the upkeep of the air conditioner will make it run well for years, probably a few year more than its desired life.