Five Reasons to Use Aluminum Louvers

Louver is a frame with horizontal or vertical slats that allow fresh air and sunray to enter the house while preventing snow and rainfall from getting in. A louver can be made from various materials; however, there are some good reasons why you should use aluminum louvers at your home.

  1. Aluminum is durable.

Aluminum is rust-free and requires little to no maintenance. When used as louver, aluminum will not break even if it is exposed to elements for many years. The lightweight design of aluminum louver further reinforces its strength and makes it one of the most durable ventilation frame for your house.

  1. Aluminum is flexible.

Aluminum is much more malleable than iron or steel. When used as material for louver, aluminum can be formed and shaped easily. If you want to have a louver with slanted slats to allow fresh air that comes from one particular direction to enter your house, aluminum with its malleability is obviously the best material for your louver.

  1. Aluminum louver looks great.

Aluminum is known for its beauty. The rust-free characteristic of aluminum further enhances its attractive look and makes its beauty permanent. Even if you don’t do maintenance job regularly, aluminum louver will still look good even after years of usage.

  1. Aluminum louver is green.

Aluminum is considered one of the environmentally friendliest materials due to its recyclability. Aluminum louver is 100% recyclable and can be reused as building materials or another new louver. If you don’t want to harm the environment, you definitely need to pick aluminum louver.

  1. Aluminum louver is relatively cheap.

Aluminum louver is always affordable to buy. If you need to install numerous louvers on many doors and windows at home, buying additional louvers will never deplete your money.

With aluminum louver, you can have the best frame to control your home ventilation.