What Are The Major Problems Caused By Wet Rot At Any Place?

Suggested by the name, wet rot is the damage caused to the wooden surfaces or timber as a result of attack of moisture content or dampness. It is most commonly found at such places in a property where there is regular and excessive use of water such as kitchens, bathrooms and other washing areas. Since these areas are exposed to moisture content more often therefore the wooden surfaces present in these areas get attacked by wet rot easily. It is worth noting that wet rot is really a matter of concern for the property owners. It is due to irreparable and vast scale damage caused due to wet rot at any place. It may result in adverse effect on the overall worth as well as aesthetic looks of the concerned property. Here are some of the major problems caused by wet rot at any place.

Damage to the wooden surfaces- The fungus responsible for wet rot growth attacks the wooden surfaces at any place. It is because exposure to even insignificant amount of moisture content invites growth of wet rot at any place. With the passage of time, it keeps on spreading to all the attacked wooden surfaces too which in turn results in vast scale and sometimes irreparable damage to the wooden surfaces.


Weakening of the wooden structures- Since wet rot attacks the internal structures as well as roots of wooden structures and surfaces therefore it makes them weak. As wet rot keeps on growing further, the wooden surfaces or structures keep on losing weight and hence become weaker. This in turn increases the risk for these wooden structures or surfaces to fall down or get damaged completely.

Damage to the structures of the property- Since wooden surfaces or structures are fixed to some other structures in the property therefore the chances of damage to these structures also increases. In some cases, the attached structures of a property get badly affected as a result of attack of wet rot. Consequently, the aesthetic looks as well as overall worth of the property is affected in an adverse manner.

Bad smell- Wet rot creates yet another problem. It results in foul smell or bad smell coming from the wooden structures that are attacked by wet rot. It is because wet rot is chiefly caused due to presence of moisture content in the timber or wood. This in turn causes bad smell that may make the atmosphere of the given property quite unpleasant.

Respiratory problems- Wet rot is hazardous for health of the inmates of the concerned property. It is because wet rot results in certain respiratory issues. It may worsen the condition of patients suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis etc.

Monetary loss- Since wet rot results in damage to the structures of any building or property therefore it results in monetary losses. Also it leads to certain health issues too. All these require expenditure of considerable amount of money in repairs or replacements of damaged structures as well as treatment of the health issues.

All these are some of the major problems caused by wet rot at any place. That is why it needs to be treated and prevented well-in-time