Tips for Securing Dangerous Job Sites after Hours

As any seasoned construction professional can confirm, active job sites are dangerous places. With so much heavy equipment being operated at one time, people who are unfamiliar with construction sites can find themselves in precarious situations with one wrong step. However, the dangers associated with these sites don’t go away when the workday ends. People who intentionally or inadvertently wander onto job sites after hours are liable to cause personal injury to themselves or others. Fortunately, the following tips will prove useful in securing your job sites after everyone’s gone home for the day.

Lay Out Construction Mats

Construction mats are invaluable tools for jobs that require the use of heavy-duty equipment like cranes and supply trucks. In addition to keeping the ground perfectly level, they ensure that construction vehicles have strong surfaces on which to operate. These resilient mats are a particularly welcome presence on job sites that are rife with grooves and potholes, like many road construction sites. Keeping these mats in place after hours will prevent anyone who drives through the area overnight from compromising the ground’s levelness.

Lock Up Your Tools

Even at a fenced-in job site, your crew’s tools aren’t completely safe from thieves. To save your company a great deal of money — and your workers a lot of frustration — invest in a lockable on-site tool shed. This will ensure that your people have a secure place to store their tools and don’t have to haul their personal toolboxes home with them each day. Additionally, have one of your workers confirm that the keys have been removed from all the construction vehicles before the day is out.

Hire On-Site Security

If after-hours trespassers have become a prevalent problem, consider hiring overnight security for certain job sites. Many private security firms offer special packages to construction companies, and in some cases, your clients may be willing to foot the bill. Having trained security personnel keep a watchful eye over your job sites is among the most effective ways to prevent vandalism and equipment theft.

Even people who have been in the business for years exercise extreme caution when navigating construction sites. Although the danger levels may slightly diminish after everyone’s packed it in for the day, numerous precautions must be taken to prevent theft, vandalism, and after-hours accidents.