Organic Furniture: What do you need to know about it?

Willing to introduce a range of sustainable pieces of furniture to your home? It is not that easy to put together an “organic” home which will not only reflect your personal tastes but please your guests as well. Make sure you are educating yourself about what exactly could be termed “eco-friendly” furniture or for that matter which furniture pieces come with non toxic finishes. This guide, we believe, would be of help. If you are done with fulfilling the formalities regarding your dream home (with considerable help from reliable conveyancing 24-7 services) then it’s time for decking it up and doing it right! Read on to find out.

What should you look out for?

Starting off with the choice of the furniture sets, let us tell you that you would require looking for chairs and sofas laced with organic fabric and stuffed with the latex (read natural) foam. Organic mattresses can turn out to be a great addition to your homes. However, you should be duly aware of the fact that these mattresses are exorbitantly priced. If you are not ready to spend substantially on the quintessential organic mattresses then you can opt for the more cost-effective alternative– futons. You are not even required to accommodate futons on the “difficult” folding frames. Flat frames and platforms will do.

Consider cotton carpets

You can introduce some carpets made of pure cotton to allow your legs that “cushiony” feeling as you step inside your abode after a hectic day at work.

Bamboo! An unmistakably stylish addition to your home

Bamboo has emerged as one of the most oft-used materials in modern-day furniture pieces. Now, the furniture sets etched from bamboo are considered to be sustainable because of two reasons— firstly, because bamboo grows very fast and secondly because it is grown with the zero use of pesticides.

Zero in on earthy shades

You can choose from among a range of earthy shades in a bid to add the much needed tranquility to your environment. Beige, gray and white are a few of the colors which can actually do the trick for you. Strike a perfect harmony between the linen, walls, upholstery and the other accessories of your home.

Does your furniture contain toxins?

Learn to identify furniture pieces containing toxin. The common toxins used in the furniture sets are PBDEs and formaldehyde. So, when you are out to buy the furniture sets for your home, make sure you are keeping this in mind and steering clear of pieces which contain such toxins.

Local craftsmanship is the way to go!

Dig deep to find out artisan furniture crafted from salvaged wood, organic wool, metal, and recycled fabrics. Look up the local newspapers, magazines or classified ad sites. Visit the local craft fairs in order to look out for the furniture sets as those mentioned above.

Conclusion: Do your bit for the environment!

Make sure you are keeping these tips in view before stepping out for furniture shopping. Go green! Do your bit for the environment. Best of luck!