Learn what it takes to be the Best Wood and Concrete Resurfacer

Wood and concrete resurfacers come in all shapes and sizes. Plenty of them have promises that seem to make wood resurfacing an easier task. They attract owners of wooden decks who would like to refurbish their now-aging wooden decks back to its once-pristine condition. If you’re on the lookout for these products, consider these features. They are what make really good wood and concrete resurfacers.

Best Wood and Concrete Resurfacer

Water Resistant. The cleaning and refining part of resurfacing wooden decks can be physically taxing. This is why a lot of people are looking for high quality wood resurfacers. One of the primary causes of aging in wood resurfacing work is water penetration. The coating you put after sealing and sanding down your wooden deck is supposed to protect it from further damage from the environment. However, if water penetrates through the coating, you’ll find that the coating itself gets compromised and you will have to work on the wooden deck again. To save time, money and energy, it is best to choose a wooden resurfacer like Encore that can promise 100% water resistance.

Flexibility. Your wooden deck is outdoors, and as such, it is exposed to changing temperatures. Wood expands and contracts, depending on the weather. If your wood or concrete resurfacer is mediocre, it will crack and deteriorate at the slight chance of size changes. It’s best to use ENCORE coatings on your wooden deck because the coat can expand or contract with your wood. It’s more flexible than most coatings, and you won’t have to worry about water penetration because of cracks.

Ability to restore cracked wood. Unless more than 80% of your wooden board has been compromised, there’s really no need to replace them yet. You can have them sealed using reliable wood and concrete resurfacers. Just make sure they can really penetrate through the cracks, are strong enough structurally once dry to revive the strength of the wood, and are easy to dry. When applying them to seal up cracks, make sure you pack them up so no hollowness is left in the wood you’re working on. Level the surface of the wood once finished because some sealants can be difficult to sand down.

Easy to use and dries fast after application. Anything can happen between the moment of application to the moment the wood or concrete refresher and resurfacer dries up. You would want to choose the resurfacer that dries up the fastest. This way, there is less possibility of the coat being compromised. Encore products can be eight times as fast as their counterparts to dry up. They’re also very easy to use as they combine anti-skid and color features into one application.

Self-repairing. If you’re looking for a wood resurfacer that will last long, you should look for the “self-repairing” label. This means that the coating has nano chemical components that automatically bind when cracked. This makes for a more solid seal on your wooden deck. Unfortunately, only ENCORE products offer this feature to date. It’s a good thing they’re also easily available in most hardware stores.

Encore provides effective solutions for homeowners and business owners who need solutions for their maintenance issues. Visit our website or call us and let’s discuss what you need.