Why should I change the locks on my new home?

Why should I change the locks on my new home

thousands of homes around the world are brought and sold everyday, most new owners have a decorating budget for there new homes which is generally around 10% of the value of the house. Most new owners spend their budget on things like carpet, paint and worktops, the stuff that will make the house look nice and most of all make a house a home.

Its only natural that the decor is the 1st thing you think about when moving into a new home, but have you ever considered security? perhaps the locks on the windows and the doors? and even on the out houses and sheds? Well this is pretty importanthave a think about when the locks on the windows and doors where last changed, youll probably find that the door locks are the original locks from when the house was first built and if your house was built in the 50s when construction was booming then you have to think about how many people have lived in that house and how many keys have been cut for those locks.

Even if the home has had one owner, the locks would have had years and years of wear, not only that but the locks would be using old technology and mechanisms.

Its an absolute no brainer to get your locks changed and modernised when you move into a new home, for most this doesnt even come to mind and you would be surprised how many people would get it done if this topic came up. It only takes 1 previous tenant with a key to enter your home and have access to ALL of your belongingsthey wouldn’t even have to break in, they could just walk in like they own the place.

If you are looking for more information and prices you should give your local locksmith or window fitter a call, get them out to test your locks, windows and doors. Most good locksmiths know how burglars enter and they can stop the problem before it happens. many locksmiths will try the dodgy techniques these criminals use right in front of you on your own locks just to show you how easy it is.

The pricing of this service isn’t as much as you would think, it sure isn’t as much as the price of the belonging in your house! be safe and make the changes required to secure your home.