Renter hotspots: where are there more renters than homeowners?

House Balance

Many times people make something unusual and unique their business, which then spreads to the whole area and others, too get into that business line. This way, a unique idea transforms into a multi-dimensional business line, which opens plethora of opportunities to many people. One such business is renting and leasing. Decades back, there were landowners who exploited and sucked money from the tenants then. It was termed as Zamindari. This practice was soon abolished and the idea was modified into what we today know as renting and leasing. Laws and regulations were also published regarding the same. Today, renting is a very easy and simple process. Why would many people like to rent out houses and offices and earn good amount of money through it. Sometimes it also happens that the no of house owners are lesser then renters! This is very common in tourist places where the population is less but there is heavy amount of tourists and people coming in every time of the year. Here are some places where there are more renters than homeowners’ are-

  1. Goa: – this tourist hotspot has undoubtedly a large no of renters than homeowners. The whole state has only a population of around 1.5 lakhs. This is the reason as to why people have almost 2-3 houses to be given on rent and sometimes it is even more! This destination is visited by people from all over the world. In fact, sometimes, there are more foreigners in Goa than Indians! This explains as to why there are more renters than homeowners. After all, a person only needs a single house to live. Therefore, either the built houses stay unsold or people buy and rent it!
  2. Kolkata: – another city which is full of people and opportunities equally! At the time of festivals like Durga Pooja, the city becomes flooded with devotees and people who come to witness this grand worshiping to the almighty! No, wonder why there are many people who give flats on rent. There are plenty of people seeking for a 1BHK for rent in Kolkata. This city has loads more renters than homeowners at that time! In addition, in some areas, there are only people living on rent! Therefore, Kolkata is one of the rent hotspots and it is fortunate thing to find a 1BHK for rent in Kolkata especially at the time of Durga Pooja.
  3. Jaipur: – this place, which is located in Rajasthan, is one of the most visited cities in India. Also known as the pink city, it is a very famous tourist spot for its culture and heritage. It has been an important place in the Indian history and people associate it with many great kings such as prithivi raj Chauhan, maharana pratap, etc. It is a very vibrant place with great handicrafts and nice architecture. No wonder it has more houses for rent than the houses for residence!
  4. Lonavala: – this weekend getaway from Mumbai and pune is another city, which makes it to the list! It is a point to relax and chill! It has a very pleasant and cool weather, which can be enjoyed at any time of the year! The greenery adds jewel to the crown and makes it more beautiful!

Thus, the above are the places, which are renter hotspots and usually have more renters than homeowners! Analyzing and researching about a place and then deciding to buy a house for investment would do wonders to the wealth! Therefore, search smart and earn smart!