How to Choose the Correct Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

How to Choose the Correct Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

An oriental rug is a prized possession in many households. Each rug holds great value, whether it be monetary or sentimental.

The price of many well-made rugs runs into the thousands, and the sentimental value of those that have been handed down through generation is priceless.

Most families take good care of their rugs. They try to keep pets off of them, dirty shoes away from them, and liquids that could stain them on the opposite side of the room. But eventually, it comes time to hire a rug cleaning service to get your rug looking like new again.

But how can you find the right one?

Before you just send your rug off to any oriental rug cleaning service, be sure to follow the tips below to make sure you really are hiring experts.

#1: Look for experience

How often do you see those with expensive items of jewelry send them to novices for cleaning? It doesn’t happen. When parting with your rug, look for a company with years of experience in rug cleaning.

Not only will this ensure you get the best possible finish, it’ll also ensure your own peace of mind, knowing your beloved rug is in safe hands.

#2: Make sure they have the proper equipment

A workman is only as good as his tools, as the saying goes. Often, it’s impossible to do a job to the correct standard without the necessary equipment.

Will your rug cleaner use water and a large stick to clean your rug, or will they use a specially designed hose with the correct shampoos and testing equipment?

Professionals also care about the drying process, not just the washing process. Enquire about what methods a company will use to dry rugs after cleaning. Their answer will either confirm or set them apart from the amateurs.

#3: Price

When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A professional rug cleaning service with a reputation for quality won’t be charging a ridiculously low price for their labor. If you find a service offering an unbelievably low price, ask yourself why.

Professional rug cleaning doesn’t cost the Earth, but it shouldn’t cost the price of a large coffee in Starbucks either.

The Convenience of Shipping Your Rug Off, Rather than Using Local Cleaners

In a world full of important deadlines, to-do lists and packed schedules, it seems as though very few people have any spare time anymore.

Even on the weekends or after work, chances are you’re just too tired to be fussing around with the cleaning of your rug. First of all it involves packaging it up, then you need to get it into the car, then drive it to your local cleaners, then, everything is done in reverse after it’s been cleaned.

Thankfully, there is an easier way to go about rug cleaning.

Those wishing to bypass the transportation and travelling process now choose to ship their oriental rugs off for cleaning instead.

The advantages of this numerous, but convenience is often the deciding factor.

Many people choose to have packages delivered, takeaway fast food sent straight to the door, and mail collected from their mailbox. So why not enjoy the same convenience when that time of year rolls around to have your rug cleaned?

The benefits

Having your rug collected, specially cleaned and then re-delivered to your house or place of work isn’t as complicated as it sounds. In fact, many rug cleaning companies specialize in this, and even prefer to work this way.

Your rug will be transported in a way that will keep it safe and protected, until it reaches the designated cleaning area of the oriental rug cleaning company.

From there, they’ll clean it, use odor-removing methods on it, and test the health of the rug. It’ll be the exact same service offered by a local cleaning company, only slightly better, as location and size aren’t a factor in the way they are for smaller companies, making for a better premises.

Once your rug has been professionally cleaned, restored (if necessary), and dried, it’ll be sent back to you in the same secure manner it was picked up in, ready for you to claim at the address of your choosing. Home and work addresses are both acceptable means of delivery, meaning fitting in the time to collect your rug from a local cleaner isn’t an issue.

Travelling times, transportation issues and the general effort required to pack up your rug, drive it to the cleaners, then pick it up again when cleaned are totally eliminated.

Oriental rug cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful. There are options to make the process far more convenient on your part. You just have to choose to do them.