House Garage Organization – How to Organize Your Garage?

How to Organize Your Garage

House garages are designed not only as secured parking spaces for cars but also include amenities that allow homeowners the luxury of performing minor troubleshooting works. Vehicles, even if thoroughly maintained, will always encounter start up problems. These issues are typical in the morning or during the winter season where the temperature extremes could affect the performance of your car. Thus, it is important that you organize your garage properly to sort out urgent car troubles.

Design Requirements

As a rule of thumb for garages, allocate generous space that is thoroughly sealed but well ventilated and secured – therefore theft proof.  These measures are necessary to avoid the incidence of questionable or standing gases getting trapped inside the premises.

Tools and Amenities

Minor car troubleshooting works include the following:

(1) Propping up a weak battery

(2) Low tire pressure

(3) Tune up problems  

In view of typical car troubleshooting works, the tools and amenities that must be supplied with home garages include an electronic charger, air compressor, lifter, fire suppressant or extinguisher, and minor tools. All of these amenities should be within reach of the car owner.

Floor Area

Allocated car space is the number 1 detail to consider in the organization of the garage. Floor area must not be less than 12ft x 20ft in order to accommodate a single vehicle.

Add-On Spaces

The house garage must be provided with an area for tools and amenities. Since these are add-on spaces, they should never encroach into the clear space of the garage. Add-on spaces should also be properly sealed since these serve as buffer against the entry of sound and questionable gases into the living spaces of the home.

Tool Room. The tool room houses the very small tools and the alligator lifter used in instances requiring the change of flat tires. Tools and lifters can be accessed from a tool room where the owner can easily reach out for a tool needed to remedy a troubling situation.

Amenities Room. This add-on space holds particular car gears including an air compressor. The compressor must be supplied with long hoses that could reach any of the 4 car tires including the reserve at the back.

Fire Suppressant. With all these considerations, a special accessible space must be accorded the fire suppressant. This is important because cars run on volatile liquid that could ignite the fire when not properly handled.

It is really important for all these guidelines to be faithfully observed in the design and organization of your home garage. As much as possible implement all measures to make your garage thoroughly comfortable not just for the car but also for the passengers alighting from the vehicle.

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