7 Questions to Ask a Window Company before Hiring

1. Full name and address

Before hiring any window company in Atlanta ask for its complete address. It is an important factor in recognizing a company’s time in business. If it provides you only with a post office box ask for a full address. It will also help you to hire a contractor from the nearby. Location will influence on the speed of the works carried, the closer your window company to your house the better.

2. Insurance

Every window company in Atlanta has to carry a comprehensive liability insurance and, moreover, special insurance workers’ compensation. These two types of insurances will protect you in case of an accident. This information about the company you can check by asking to see the insurance certificates. On top of that you can always ask contractor to provide you with current certificates sent to you personally by the insurer before any job is going to be started.

Professional window companies usually carry other types of insurance, including life, health, and even auto insurance. Never hesitate to ask for proofs of general workers’ compensation coverage and liability for your window projects.

But at the same time you can find a range of reasons why full insurance may be absent at the company you have chosen:

  • the window company operates as a partnership;
  • the company is new in the business;
  • the company cannot afford insurance premiums;

If you appear in such situation it is you who will have to determine whether it is worth hiring a contractor from a window company which does not carry insurance.

3. Work experience

It is needless to say, but still important to point out: the longer the better. Usually companies with the experience less than three years may a signal of an unstable business. But on the other hand, we all have started from somewhere. Here references will help you in your choice of window company in Atlanta. Do not forget, that there can be experts in this business even if the age of the company is small, but it is still one more reason to be cautious.

4. Previous referrals or references

ALWAYS ask your window company to show you pictures from its already completed work. But do not be surprised if that many contractors simply do not have any. If the company does not have photos, ask for 7 to 10 names and phone numbers of the previous recent customers to ask for references.

5. Customer complaints

There is no perfect window company and you will always find those who were unsatisfied. So to find out how the company handles problems with customers when they do arise make a request from a job that had involved any complaints.

Also check if the contractor has ever lost any orders and if his license has ever been suspended. If yes, find out the reason.

Jeffrey Barkley, a professional lawyer handling real estate issues shares his experience about window companies to facilitate the choice of a company for possible customers. Some information for the article is taken from / site of a window company in Atlanta, GA.

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